Working Towards the Future

What we do

Code for America works toward government for the people by the people. We solve community issues using 21st century methods and incorporating technology into are daily lives and foster innovative solutions to city problems

How Can You Get Involved

Want to help the cause?

Code for America is always looking for new volunteers to help out. Code for America is looking for programmers with creative ideas who want to help out in their community and build apps to better the lives of people. People with out coding experience may also apply for non coding positions. To apply go to

Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government


  • Code for America is currently working with over 10 state governments in the USA to solve community problems with technology.
  • Code for America also works with different countries promoting the use of modern technology
  • We have 5 levels of work that anyone can apply for
  • We have created over 100 apps that are used to help connect citizens together and make the community a safer place.


In an era where many people have lost trust in government and business, it is understandable that NGOs must do what other are not able to. There are a large amount things that government has not or is not structurally designed to do well. The gaps that are left behind are best filled by NGOs that can often solve these problems with out selfish cause. Code for America is that thing that will fill up the gap. With the help of citizens we make the community a better place and need your support to spread our cause. So what are you waiting for. Donate at


If you have any questions feel free to contact Code for America or visit us at our headquarters.