Senior iPad Return

April 28 - May 2

Attention Parent or Guardian:

The GCCISD Educational Technology Department is in the process of reclaiming all of the GCCISD iPads issued to seniors during the 2013-14 school year. Students must return the iPad, the Otterbox case, the charging adapter and charging cable in good condition. Fees will be assessed for damages and / or failure to return the device or related accessories.

As stated in the iPad Loan Agreement, “GCCISD may prohibit participation in senior year privileges, including but not limited to being exempt from exams, if a student fails to return the iPad to the campus when requested. If the iPad is not returned then the associated fee must be paid in full before the student will be allowed to participate in senior year privileges.

Fees for Breakage, Loss or Theft:

* Note: A police report must be filed by the student / parent and a case number provided if the iPad is lost or stolen.

iPad - Breakage ~ $50.00

iPad - 1st Loss/Theft* ~ $100.00

iPad - 2nd Loss/Theft* ~ $261.34

Charger and Charging Cable - Damage / Loss / Theft ~ $29.00

Otterbox Case - Damage / Loss / Theft ~ $43.68

Please ensure that your child returns his / her iPad to the campus 12th Grade Office or the Campus Technology Specialist (CTS) no later than Friday, May 2, 2014.

We appreciate your support in this initiative.


GCCISD Educational Technology Department