Ms. Ward's First Grade

Newsletter Week 14

This was a very exciting week in 1.3! Now that everyone has returned from their holidays, we finally felt like a full class again... 17 students sitting on the carpet, 17 students lining up for recess, 17 students learning with partners. But wait. 17 does not split evenly!! Wouldn't a class be much better with an even number of students? Everyone would have a buddy, a partner, a pair. We would be able to split groups up in an even number of ways. Wouldn't everyone get along better if we had just one more person? Well... lucky us : )

Meet... Emma Soto

Emma is our new student! She arrived at ISP on Thursday from Costa Rica, and what a wonderful difference she has made in our class already! Even before her arrival, the rest of the class eagerly anticipated having her as part of our family. They begged me to each be her special helper, show her around the school, and help her feel welcome in our classroom. I was very pleased to see how many students jumped at the opportunity to make others feel loved. We have a very special classroom community of friendship and caring. I know that Emma will fit right in. : )

We are so very excited to have you in 1.3, Emma! Welcome to Panama!

Updates from 1.3

In literacy this week, we finished our unit on personal narratives, and are looking forward to writing informative text next week! In preparation for writing our own "All About" pieces, we have been reading a lot of non-fiction, informational books. The students have been studying the text features that can give information, like the photographs and diagrams, titles and headings, bold words, table of contents, glossary, and captions. Next week, as we begin learning about the different animal groups in science, the students will begin writing informational text about each group in literacy, including text features to help their readers gain more information.

We finished chapter 3 in math this week, and the students ROCKED their math test on visual patterns, number patterns and counting. Moving right along, in math next week, we will circle back around to measurement and temperature with a lot of hands-on activities and real-life application. Students will be measuring objects in the room and around school, as well as comparing temperatures of Panama City with other cities around the world.

Spelling this week was MUCH better than in week's past. I know that it is a new and different way of doing spelling, but I am confident that it will benefit your children's understanding of words in the future. Next week, our spelling pattern/ rule will be long i (spelled i-e). Words that follow this pattern are bike, stripe, mile. Again, there will be no specific spelling words. Simply have your child read every night with the goal of looking for long i words and recording them.

Pajama day was a great success!



On Friday, November 22, SRC will hold a shoe-athon. Anyone who brings in a pair (or more!) of shoes in good condition will get a casual day (no uniform).

All shoes will be donated to "Un Futuro Mejor Foundation," founded by Mr. Hackin to help Kuna children who live in the Panama City.

Boli Sale

Also on Friday, November 22, SRC will hold a boli sale. A boli is a frozen icy in a plastic bag. Each boli will be 50 cents.

All the money raised will be used for the FANLYC Christmas party in December.