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January 4th, 2018

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  • Pep Band
  • Solo and Ensemble
  • Student Fundraiser Opportunity
    (Note: money from this fundraiser would go in to the accounts of the individuals that participate to be used to Field Trips, Band Performance Tours, Fees, Etc.)

Pep Band


The Wauwatosa East Red Raider Pep Band performs at six Basketball Pep Bands throughout the Boys and Girls Varsity season. To lower the commitment for our students we have divided the band in to three groups.

Each 'band' (Red, White, Black) attends two pep band performances.

Report time for all games is 6:45pm, in the band room.

Click on the links below:

Band Assignment

Pep Band Schedule

Students- If you are unable to attend a game it is your job to find a person that plays the same instrument to switch with you. Switches must be communicated to Mrs. Lato. Switches can only occur because of a conflict.

Students can attend more than their scheduled pep bands, for each additional pep band attended students will receive 25 points towards their Varsity letter. Attendance is taken at every game at the beginning and during halftime. You must be seated with the band and stay through 3rd quarter to receive credit for the performance.


January 25th for the HOCKEY game.

Sign-up posted outside the band room. Space is limited!!

We need balanced instrumentation to perform.

Transportation to and from East will be provided.

Solo and Ensemble

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Location: Wauwatosa WEST High School

All of our Band students are required to participate in a large ensemble for Solo and Ensemble. Please make sure this date is on your calendar.

We are able to accommodate schedule requests due to conflicts. Please make sure that conflicts are communicated earlier rather than later.

Our annual Solo and Ensemble Festival is rapidly approaching. Students will begin rehearsing their large group ensembles on Thursday, January 4th in class. We are incredibly grateful for the Red Raider Band Boosters that support us bringing in multiple coaches to help prepare our students for this performance. The Band Boosters also cover all registration and medal costs for all of our large ensembles, so that our students can participate in Solo and Ensemble at no cost to you.

Students in Jazz I, II and III will also participate in Solo and Ensemble.

Students are also welcome to perform solos, duets, trios and quartets. A complete listing of WSMA events can be viewed by clicking the link below.


Students are encouraged but not required to perform additional events. Students performing an event that is separate from their large ensemble must complete the google form below. There are also additional fees associated with these events.

Fee's for Additional Events

Class A solo's $15

All other Solo's $12
Regular Ensembles $15 (plus $3 per person for medals)

Special Ensembles $21 (plus $3 per person for medals)

If you are unsure as to whether your ensemble is a regular or special ensemble please double check with Mrs. Lato.


Mrs. Lato will register all Large Ensembles. You do not need to complete the form.

Interested in volunteering for Solo and Ensemble? Information will be available in February


This is an individual fundraiser

Hello! My name is Jennifer Erickson and I am the mother of Michael Erickson a Junior trumpet player in the band. A group of parents in the orchestra led a very successful fundraiser when my daughter went to Ireland and I have offered to head this effort up for the band. I am writing to give you a brief description and to determine who is interested in helping on the committee to make the event happen.

What: An indoor rummage sale

Where: East

Families responsibility: Work two hours and bring approximately 20 priced items to sell (you are welcome to bring more)

When will the sale take place: To be determined by the committee with the help of Ms. Lato

Time: Items dropped from 6:30am -7:30am and sorted by the family to the correctly labeled area

Sale Time: 8-4:30

If families want their items back they can be picked up by the family at 4:30 or volunteers will take all the items to Good Will or another recommended agency.

Profits: profits will be split evenly by all participating families who work their shift and bring their items to sell.

For the orchestra fundraiser we had approximately 40 families participate and each family made approximately $140.00. I believe we could double the profit due to the greater number of families involved in this trip.

Please email me ( if you are interested in being on the committee to plan the event.

We will be looking for the following committee chairs:

  • advertising
  • volunteer sign up
  • logistics
  • finances

We would probably meet approximately 4 times prior to the sale with the first meeting taking place in January.

Once the committee meets and determines all the details we will email all the band families attending the trip the details and determine which families would like to participate.

My email is

My cell is 414-617-5231


Jennifer Erickson

Upcoming Events

March 3rd, 2018 District Solo and Ensemble @ Tosa West

April 11th, 2018 All-City Band Festival

Report 5:15pm, Depart 6:00pm- Full Uniform Performance

May 4th, 2018 East Side Evening of Jazz at 7:00pm, Dale K. Hidde Theatre

May 9th, 2018 Spring Band Concert at 7:00pm, Dale K. Hidde Theatre

July 4th, 2018 Fourth of July Parade, report 7:30am. WE ARE FIRST!!!

2018-2019 Band Calendar now available

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