Create a GMO Smore

Grade 11 College Biology


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants or animals which are created through biotechnology by gene splicing. Genetically modified crops and animals are currently being produced all around the world and are the subject of great debate. In this project, you will be researching a GMO of your choice, and creating a Smore, like this one. Your Smore will be designed to inform and educate people about your GMO and it's positive and negative effects on society and the environment (Lisser, 2015).

For other topic ideas, see Ms. Smockum or do some research on your own.

Researching your Topic

Use the following questions to guide your research.
1. How is the organism genetically modified?
2. What is the purpose for the creation of the organism?
3. What are the advantages of the organism to society and the environment?
4. What are the risks of the organism to society and the environment?

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Creating your Smore

  • · Your Smore must present your research about the genetically modified organism in a concise and organized layout.

  • · Be sure to put all of your research in your own words and cite all references using either APA format.

  • · In addition to your research, you will include a summary section that expresses your opinion about the genetically modified organism. Do you think the benefits of the GMO outweigh any negative effects? Do you think this GMO is safe to use?

Assessment and Evaluation

In class, we will brainstorm a list of criteria that will be used for self and peer assessment of your Smore. Once revisions are made, Ms. Smockum will use the same criteria to evaluate your final product.

Due Date: Tuesday October 13, 2015


Lastname, First name (YEAR). Title of the article/website. From URL. Retrieved on date.

You will have time in class to work on your Smore and will be shown how to submit your final product online.