Lincoln's Murder: Mastermind Plot?

Lincoln's assassination was result of grand,mastermind plot.

By: Rachel Milstein, Courtney Barfield, Heidi Tanenholz

Reason 1: Important Tasks Need Backup

Relevant Evidence: Lincoln was supposed to be kidnapped and sold to the confederacy prisoners. if Booth couldn't carry out the deed they would blow up the White House.

Relevant Evidence: The confederacy wanted to stabilize the government to settle on war so war wouldn't end in total defeat.

Reason 2: To Plan an Entire Murder Alone Would Be Too Difficult

Relevant Evidence: John Wilkes Booth was a confederate sympathizer so it would be easy for him to make a big plan with the confederacy. Confederates, or confederacy beliebers, didn't like Lincoln. This favored towards the Union.

Counterclaim 1: John couldn't comit this crime on his own

Rebuttal: He was a heavy drinker.

Counterclaim 2: They could say that Lincoln was famous so it would be easy to kill him so you wouldn't need a big plan.

Rebuttal: He's a president so he will have security.

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