Fabulous in First Grade!

Newsletter for November 18th - 22nd

First Things First!

Some important dates coming up!

Parent/Teacher Conferences - 11/26 & 11/27

Confirmations went home last Friday. We're looking forward to meeting with you!

Thanksgiving Break - 11/28 - 12/1

Nutcracker - 12/6

We hope our families enjoy the ballet!

Holiday Store - 12/10 & 12/11

This wonderful OPT holiday tradition will have lots of goodies and items for your little ones to buy for loved ones this holiday season!

Holiday Giving Tree

Our annual holiday giving tree will be up in the office in order for families to donate gifts to families in need. All gifts are due by 12/10.

Gobble Gobble, Waddle Waddle

We had a full and fantastic week in first grade! Your little ones worked their tail feathers off and even squeezed in some time to practice for our amazing Thanksgiving Program today!

This week in Science, we finished our unit all about patterns in the sky. Kids explored apparent movement of the sun through our sky, and we learned about the Earth's rotation and tilt. We then turned our attention to the night sky, and students discussed and explored the lunar cycle. Kids created some beautiful scientific art to illustrate the various moon phases. The next time the moon is out, ask your child if it is waxing or waning! For an extra challenge, ask them if they know the name of the shape (new moon, crescent moon, gibbous moon, half moon or full moon). Kids' curiosity shone through as they began to question what it means to be on a planet that is constantly moving through space.

We were super busy in Language Arts this week as well. Classes worked on their phonics skills and literary elements through reading groups. They worked on their reading fluency and comprehension as well. Students were also busy in Writer's Workshop this week. We worked on bringing our characters life by making them think, feel, move and talk! Kiddos practiced their COPS skills as well, careful to check for punctuation, capitals, spelling and organization in their sentences. We also introduced a new chart that we will use during our Writer's Workshop called "You Try/I Try". Students write down a word they need help with spelling and we are able to write the correct spelling on the opposite side of the chart. It is quite a popular station!

In math this week, we continued working on our addition facts and threw in a little subtraction as well. The classes learned 3 new work places that will help build those addition and subtraction skills. We learned: "Double It", "Spin and Add" and "Spin and Subtract".

We hope you have a terrific weekend and we'll see you on Monday for a fabulous 1-day week!