Hall Sports Elective



Dear Mr Henderson,

In hall sports we played a hole lot of fun games inside and out of the hall. I'm reflecting on thing I learnt, laughed and loved in the elective.

Something I learnt

I learnt a new hall sport called Mayhem. It was the one where there was a team in the middle and the teams on the outside were throwing dodgeballs at them to get them all out. It was heaps of FUN!

Something I laughed at!

I laughed at all the people that got hit in the head during games like dodge ball! It was really funny and I'm sure that lots of people laughed at that as well. I also laughed when mitch got hit with the dodge ball because he wasn't expecting it!!

Something I loved

I loved playing tackle ball rush out on the field the other day. It was a brand new experience for me and I really enjoyed it! Even though the elective was hall sports, it was a beautiful day outside and it was nice playing something different.


Overall this elective was fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone sporty or willing to try something new. It's a great environment to be in and I would definitely do it again!