Book News by Sadie Burns

Today's book is: Return of The Homework Machine


The main idea is Brenton, Sam, Judy, and Kelsey go on another adventure to find the super chip that made the homework machine cheat and get all the answers.

In the Beginning: Brenton talked to the D squad about having a bad feeling about the super chip. So one day they went down to the canyon to find the super chip because that's where the homework machine was. But, the problem was they couldn't find the chip.

In the middle: They were trying to figure out who had the super chip. But Ronnie was the one who had it and he was working with Richard Milner to take over the world. When Richard Milner came back from Japan from trying to get another super chip. He found out they were the only ones who had a super chip in the whole world!

Then: They all had the same idea to get Kinkaid's treasure. which was hidden in the Grand Canyon. They also went the same time but Ronnie and Richard Milner found the treasure first. Then the D squad and Mr. Murphy arrived. Richard Milner got mad and had an argument with Mr. Murphy. He accidently tripped and fell off a cliff. Then died.

In conclusion: Brenton took the super chip from Ronnie and built a rocket for the super chip because they all realized they didn't need the super chip. They launched the rocket and WOOSH! The super chip was in space.

Theme & Characters

Theme: 1. Working Together because as friends they accomplished what they needed to.

2. Be careful for what you wish for because they almost got in trouble again.

Characters: The main characters are : Brenton, Sam, Judy, and Kelsey.

The minor characters are : Ronnie, Richard Milner, Mr. Murphy, and Police Chief Rebecca Fish.

Who is Richard Milner?

Who is this mysterious man? He is Richard Milner. He was a mysterious business man who tried to sell items of toys and other stuff to people around the world. When he heard about Brenton and his homework machine, he knew that he would get the homework machine and the super chip back. He purposely sold his chip to his dad because he sold computers so when Brenton got the computer with the chip in it he would do something with it to make money for himself. He also knew he would sell a lot of items to boys and girls around the world. So when Brenton said no to his offer he was furious. He wanted revenge. Then when he found out that Ronnie had the chip, he knew that he could easily trick Ronnie into doing something for himself and not for the both of them. But when he found out that the D squad and Mr. Murphy was there for the same reason they were there he was mad. So he told them to leave. But, when they refused he told them to leave and started threatening them. Mr. Murphy did the right thing and stood up for himself and the kids. When he did a move to defend himself, Richard Milner accidently tripped and was on a cliff holding on with his elbows. He tried to beg for a second chance. It was too late. He fell and died.

Sadie's Book Review

When I read Dan Gutman's first book The Homework Machine, I was hoping that there was going to be a part two. When I found out there was a part two, I wanted get the book right away! After I read the book I thought it was as great as it was for the first book. The second book was more adventurous and I also thought there was more suspense in this book than the first book. I liked this book because I felt more suspense which made me not want to put the book down and also thought that they became closer as friends. I also thought this one was a little more adventurous because they had more action and they went to the Grand Canyon! I recommend this book if you read the first book and you liked the first book. I would also recommend that you read The Homework Machine first, and read this book if you want to feel suspense. Also read this book if you want a good book to read! - Sadie Burns