How do I find the theme in a piece of literature?

THE MEssage

What is the message or moral the author is trying to convey? What life lesson can you learn from this story?

The author will not tell you what the theme is:

  • You have to infer
  • What is the central conflict?
  • What has the main character done wrong? What lesson can be learned from that conflict or mistake?

Fly Away Home

Watch the following reading of the book Fly Away Home. As you are listening to the book, think about the the main problem (central conflict) and how it can be solved. What could someone learn from that problem/solution. Remember, it needs to be something you could apply to life and not just this book.
Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting


Please watch and listen to the following song, I Hope you Dance. What is the theme? What is the point that Lee Ann is trying to convey?
I hope you dance lyrics Lee Ann Womack

Checkity Check

Please answer the 2 questions on the Google form. If you still need help with theme, view the video below...

Extra Help

Watch this video for a bit more information on how to find the theme...
Identifying the Theme in Literature

Open the following graphic organizer for extra help...

Theme Check #2

  • Watch the video of the book Mr. Peabody's Apples
  • Fill out the graphic organizer (state the theme and provide evidence)
  • Write a PEEL paragraph in the Google Form below
Mr. Peabody's Apples