iPad Bootcamp for UP Teachers

Coming Soon in 2016

Unleash the power of mobile technology

What: One-to-One training with our District EdTech TOSA to implement a digital lesson using iPad and Doceri.

The Challenge: You have been enchanted by teachers like Margot and Alice who make it look so easy to plan, launch, and successfully manage a digital lesson using an iPad and Doceri. However when it comes time to actually load images,and mange a class while interacting with a tablet to deliver your lesson something prevents you from experiencing digital nirvana..... Leave that old thinking behind and book your one:to:one session now with our EdTech TOSA who will assist you in mastering the art of the iPad while using Doceri.

The Solution: Schedule a 1:1 session with our district EdTech Tosa who will help you in your class to do the following:

  • Plan and execute a digital lesson using iPad and resources
  • Use Doceri on iPad with your students

When: January 2016. To schedule your private lesson, email Carrie today.