Where the moonlight shines on you!!!

Where the Journey Begins......

Here on Crescent Island we offer you only the best. We have the freshest fruit, the most beautiful beaches, and the best of service. The weather here on Crescent Island is warm and sunny. Come to Crescent Island for a romantic getaway. We have the most beautiful scenery. We have high ranked chefs, and our food is an eclectic culture. But, the most interesting thing about Crescent island is the history. One of the most historical discoveries of all time was the city of Crescentire Reynolds, where the moonlight shines on you. Take an adventerous family trip or just for relaxation.

Sight Seeing

Here on Crescent Island you will stay busy with different and exciting things to do. You can scuba dive in our beautiful ocean; hiking on our mysterious mountains; visit the old city or just enjoy a nice bowl of fresh fruit. As you can see, there are many things to do on our Beautiful and Wonderous, Crescent Island.

Crescent Island History

A long time ago, Crescent Island was found by Crescentire Reynolds. His ship was invaded and it crashed into the shore of Crescent Island. He decided to make this his home. A few years later he was founded by deep sea fisherman. Because of this discovery by Crescentire Reynolds you can view a statue of him in the island's capitol.