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March 7, 2021


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Roadrunners, We Are Proud of YOU!

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3/8--Principal's GATE Conversation 3:00 pm (Zoom link below)


3/11--1st & 2nd Grade(Virtual) Materials Distribution

3/12--Spirit Day--Dress like an Animal

3/12--End of 2nd Trimester

3/23--Spring Pictures


3/31--Varga, Wilkinson & Williams Materials Distribution

4/8--1st & 2nd Grade(Virtual) Materials Distribution

4/9--Spirit Day-Dress in your Disney attire



Dear Westwood Families,

Happy March! We are very thankful to be entering the phase allowing our staff access to vaccinations. As you can imagine it is a crazy process and different for everyone. Due to limited accessibility, some staff members may have to accept appointments during the school day. We have secured a limited- time substitute, however, we can only cover one class at a time with this model. Therefore, some classes may be forced into an asynchronous session. This applies to both on-campus and virtual classes.

If a virtual teacher secures a vaccination appointment during the instructional day, she will provide asynchronous learning for that portion of the day. If an on-campus teacher needs to schedule their appointment during the instructional day (either am or pm) that group will be provided asynchronous learning during their session.

We realize this causes the greatest disruption to the on-campus students as they will not be able to come to school that day. Unfortunately, with all the safety protocols and the limited substitute availability we simply have no other option. If we should find ourselves in this position, the classroom teacher will notify you ahead of time.

We apologize for the inconvenience. However, we know you are all in support of the health and safety of our staff.


Jennie Mikels,



Many children and adults get bogged down by anticipatory anxiety. A test, a recital, starting a new extracurricular activity. These events can cause children to build things up in their minds for days and more often than not, the anticipatory anxiety is far greater than the anxiety experienced during the actual event.

However, there is a very effective tool that we can teach children to help with this. Anxiety reappraisal is a cognitive trick based on the concept that words can trigger emotions. What we think, how we speak to ourselves, triggers how we feel. Like songs or smells, words have memories and associations attached to them. For example, the word ‘excited’ brings about a different emotion than the word ‘anxious.’ One cognitive trick that is often taught to individuals who experience anxiety is to switch “I’m nervous” to “I’m excited." Nerves and excitement usually feel the same way in the body—butterflies, tapping legs—however, our brain responds differently when we tell ourselves that the feeling is excitement instead of nervousness. There’s none of that cortisol racing through us. We don’t tense up. Our stress levels don’t rise. And we can trick ourselves into believing that we’re actually excited for the event, and that changes how we feel and respond.

While this particular cognitive technique is used to help treat anxiety, there are lessons to be drawn here that can extend to other areas of our life. Words are powerful and our brain responds to the words we use each day to describe our experiences. ‘Chores’ have a negative connotation and are something to be dreaded while ‘responsibilities’ help us to feel capable and empowered. In fact, there are studies that show that kids are much more likely to help out at home when given a responsibility rather than a chore.

If throughout our day we talk about feeling tired, it is highly unlikely that we will start to feel more energized as the day goes on. Think about days when you have thought about or discussed how fatigued you were. The fatigue likely lasted and it probably was not your most productive day. In contrast, if we reframe our thinking and instead say something like, “I woke up feeling tired but I am gaining more and more energy as the day goes on,” our brain goes into ‘tracking’ mode and tries to find ways to make that happen. We might go outside for a brisk walk or do other activities that lead to us feeling more energized.

Adults talking about how stressed out they are is another common pitfall that generally leads to us just feeling more overwhelmed. And more than that, our children start to pick up on these phrases and will soon adopt them as their own. Rather than talking about how stressed out we are we might say something like, “I have a lot on my to-do list today and it feels great to be checking things off my list.” This may infuse us with a wave of positive emotions and we might have a very productive day where we feel great about ourselves rather than slumping onto the couch in exhaustion when the day is done.

So if anxiety is something that you or your child struggle with, try anxiety appraisal and see how it works for you. And keep in mind the impact your words have on yourself and on others and choose wisely.

Principal's GATE Conversation

Please join us Monday, March 8th at 3:00pm to discuss updates to the GATE program within PUSD.
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Kid's Heart Challenge Update

In the next few weeks, we'll be working to get out the next round of prizes. If your students earned yo-yos, t-shirts, recess balls, etc., please let them know we appreciate their patience and will distribute these when we have the opportunity.


Learning Support Services is excited to share with our community that we are currently going through a pilot process for adopting a new K- 5 History Social Studies curriculum for our elementary schools. PUSD is piloting two State Board approved publishers, Studies Weekly and Teacher Curriculum Institute (TCI). The pilot team includes 20 individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, school sites and experiences, which includes teachers, a Library Media Technician, principals and parents/guardians.

We are also actively aligning our pilot process to PUSD’s Racial Equity and Inclusion Plan, which can be found on PUSD’s Home Website, to ensure there is racial, gender, and orientation diversity and a variety of perspectives so that our students see themselves in the curriculum. We feel it is important to have conversations with community members on the pilot process and provide access to review the two pilot resources.

Learning Support Services will be hosting two community forums for parents and community members to attend. These will be Zoom sessions that will offer a brief outline of the CA Framework and Standards, overview of the pilot process, provide access to review the materials, and allow for a Q & A session.

The dates are:

Tuesday, March 16 from 5:00-6:00 OR Thursday March 18 from 6:00-7:00. If you would like an invitation to this Zoom session please, RSVP to the session you wish to attend. If you are unable to attend and wish to review the resources or have a question, please submit your request by clicking this link to share your information and we will email you the steps to gain access to the materials.

Learning Support Services looks forward to collaborating with our PUSD Elementary School parent/guardian community.


Get those springtime outfits ready because spring photos will be available this year to all students on Tuesday, March 23rd. The spring photo op is a 3/4 length shot with an environmental background that will be a great addition to your collection of photos. On campus students will have their pictures taken during their on campus learning time and virtual learners will sign up for a slot via signup genius that will come out in next week's weekend wire. If your child did not have the chance to get a picture taken for the yearbook then this can also be done during this time.

FREE Dental Screenings, Sealants and Fluoride Varnish

Please be sure to schedule an appointment (by appointment only!) by calling the number or emailing from the information on the flyer. KINDERGARTEN students needing to provide their Oral Health Assessment (dental exam) to the school, this can be done for free here! Please see the website for additional locations.
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Do you or someone you know have a three or four year old student looking for a Preschool? Please see the registration and “about us” flyer for an opportunity to enroll in PUSD Preschool for the 2021-2022 school year. The registration window opens on March 15th!
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Transfer Window Is Open

The Poway Unified transfer window is now open! Transfer requests for students who live in Poway Unified and would like to attend a school other than their school of residence should be submitted online … just go to the Poway Unified website and click on “Transfers” on the home page.

If you have a current child in a Poway school and would like a younger sibling to attend the same school, please submit a transfer request at this time. Transfer submissions are accepted even if your younger child is not yet enrolled. Then please enroll your child at their school of residence in May. The transfer window closes on March 31st.



2019-2020 YEARBOOKS

We have last year's yearbooks still available! If you purchased one and never picked it up or if you realized that you never ordered one and would like one, please email Lisa Ducote at lducote8@gmail.com and she can make sure that you get one.

Your student will want to remember this unique year with a 2020-2021 yearbook! Your student gets to customize two pages just for them which will print in their individual yearbook so it will really be unique and special! Also, for every yearbook purchased a tree is planted!

Purchase yearbooks here:

https://tr5.treering.com/validate Use passcode: 1015978769242468

Or scan here:

Be a STAR in the yearbook! We want to see your pictures!! Please upload pictures from all sorts of things this year such as, Dress to Impress Spirit Day, Valentine's Day, Winter break fun, virtual learning, and lots more here:


Health Office Notes

Please remember to be proactive and prescreen your student at home prior to leaving for school. If your child has any of the following symptoms, please keep them at home. If your child has developed any one of the symptoms below while at school, they must be sent home immediately. Parent(s) will be notified to pick up their student immediately.

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Per the CDC Guidelines (use link below of Decision Tree updates as of 1/11/21):

The individual may return based on one of the following:


a) 10 days from the day symptom(s) first appeared, AND improved symptoms and no fever (or fever reducing meds) for the last 24 hours.

b) With proof of negative PCR COVID viral test, may return after 3 days if all symptoms are fully resolved; or after 10 days from the day symptom(s) first appeared, AND improved symptoms and no fever (or fever reducing meds) for the last 24 hours.

c) A signed note from a licensed MD, DO, NP, or PA (who manages that condition) must: confirm the chronic diagnosis (i.e., cites labs, date-of record when diagnosed); include provider’s contact information; explain how symptoms are unrelated to COVID-19; and be accompanied by signed consent for school to interact with MD, DO, NP, or PA.

Please call the Health Office for any questions or concerns.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile

Does the Amazon driver know you by name? Got enough boxes to stack to the moon? Did you know that with every delivery you can raise money for Westwood Elementary?

1. Go to smile.amazon.com

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3. Search for Westwood Elementary PTA San Diego

4. Sign up!

Or scan here:

PTA Membership

The year may look different but Westwood still needs you! Join the PTA so we can all work together to make this year the best possible.

For more information and to join, please press the button below