This Week's Wingspan

A newsletter from Oak Ridge High School

Welcome back on Wednesday

I hope this email finds you well. While many of us are very glad to see 2020 slip into the history books and welcome the arrival of 2021, many of the challenges we faced last year are still present today.

But I am writing this email with more hope and optimism than I had in August when the school year started. First of all, the staff at Oak Ridge has worked tirelessly to serve our community and our children. As a parent in the Oak Ridge feeder, I am proud to know this is where my own children will be attending high school.

Secondly, your patience and communication this year has been excellent. We could not have done what we did, without you holding us accountable and trusting us to do the right thing for your children. I am blessed to be the principal of Oak Ridge High School and you as parents and guardians are a big reason why.

Finally, the Oak Ridge War Eagle student body is incredible. They have risen to the occasion and worked hard, focused on staying healthy, and continuing to learn and grow. I am so proud of your kids. Often times teenagers get a bad rap in todays society - but I will sing the praises of our students from the mountain tops - they are an incredible group and we are lucky to have them in our lives.

A few things to keep in mind when students to return to school on Wednesday:

  • We will start in homeroom on Wednesday. Homeroom assignments will be shared on our website (Tuesday), on social media (Tuesday), and there will be posters in the hallways on both campuses. All 9th graders have homeroom on the 9GC and all 10-12 will have homeroom on Senior Campus.
  • Masks must be worn at all times when on campus except when eating or drinking or performing in an athletic or fine art event where wearing a mask is not feasible - during a performance.
  • If your child is not feeling well - please keep them home.
  • We will be open on Monday and Tuesday if you have questions or need anything.

Thank you again for making the first semester as successful as it was. I am looking forward to an even better second semester.

My best,



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