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Help Me on My Mission

Beautycounter is on a mission to get safe products into our homes. We are turning the $3B beauty industry on its head and determined to educate, protect, and influence manufacturers, government, and consumers, like you. What's more, our products work. The active ingredients are clinical grade, botanically derived and safe. We choose not to use over 1500 harmful chemicals that are in most beauty brands from high-end choices to bargain brands.

So the next time you need a moisturizer, a lipstick, shampoo, bath products for your kids, sunblock or something else, consider ordering from me and supporting my mission - you won't regret it!

Order $100 in early May and get FREE Shipping!

Place a $100 order on or before May 15th and I will refund your shipping!! Email me with questions.

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I'd love to send you some samples and help you select the right products for you or talk to you about how you can join us on this mission!