6th Grade:

Are you ready to GRAPH? We are going to be graphing equations in the next two weeks. The 6th graders will be using equations to find coordinates to graph polygons (closed figures with at least 3 straight sides). For example: x+9=y If x=6, then y=15; so, the coordinate is (6,15). If x=9, then y=18; so, the second set of coordinates are (9,18). Once we graph all the coordinates, it will produce a polygon. We can use the polygon to find area and perimeter. I know, TOO MUCH FUN!

5th Grade:

The 5th graders are converting forms of measurements using both the metric and customary units. Ask your child about King Henry and what he died drinking. They always love that story! The story helps us remember the units of measurement in the metric system. We are also using tools to help us convert from inches to feet and feet to yards. We are measuring fools!

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES ARE FEB. 11th from 3:30-7:30. Drop in at your convenience. Interims will be handed out at the conferences. Don't forget we dismiss that day at 2:45.

4th Grade:

FUN WITH FRACTIONS! Most kids believe that fractions are scary, but not our 4th graders! They are tackling fractions! In the next few weeks, we will make equivalent fractions, add/subtract fractions, and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. In the words of one of the fourth graders, "Fractions don't scare me!"