World's Best Roommate Tips

Dealing with a college roommate: For Dummies!

1. Be careful of who you bring into your room -- and how often.

DO NOT bring strangers into your room. If this is not an option, always keep your eye on him/her, Stolen stuff is no bueno.

2. Be open to new things.

Expect the unexpected. You never know how weird your roommate might be.

3. Address things when they're big

If something happens between you and your roommate, don't let it continue. Fix problems with who you live with immediately. They know where you sleep after all...

4. Be clear from the beginning

If you KNOW you've got problems...tell your roommate. Nobody likes one annoying thing after another.

5. Be friendly, without expecting to be best friends.

99% of the time when you live with somebody you don't know.. you're not going to become the best of friends. Just put a fake smile on your face if you have to and the school year will be a breeze.