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Will there be school tomorrow?

This morning, our District admin team met to debrief about current air quality conditions in the area. Our Superintendent, Gary Callahan, is working with other County Superintendents and the Health Department to create a plan for the coming days. At this point, we are planning on opening school tomorrow with indoor activities as needed. I also want to assure you that our HVAC systems have proper filters and are maintained routinely. I certainly realize that air quality is a real concern for many of you, and one that should be taken seriously. Additionally, I want to invite you all to take a deep breath with me and be grateful for all the things we still have: homes, families, nearby friends, pets, health. Personally, I've been asking myself how I can turn my own worries and insecurities into positive lights for others. If you've found yourself obsessively checking news or weather apps, consider finding a way to redirect that energy into something that will help you focus on gratitude, family, and love.


Amanda Grey

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