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4 Most Common Types of Mistakes

Understanding the four types of mistakes will help us teach our students how to learn from them. Not all mistakes are made the same way. If you can determine which type of mistake a student made, then it’s easier to turn that mistake into a learning experience. Thanks to an article and infographic posted by We Are Teachers, we can start understanding the four types of mistakes. The article was written by Mindshift and published in KQED News. You can read it here.

Ohio's Learning Standards & State Testing

Ohio's Learning Standards are assessed on Ohio's state achievement tests. To learn more about what your student needs to know, check out these amazing Parent Guides for Student Success.
Apple App for State Standards

Download this app on an Apple device to help your student prepare for state testing.

Student State Testing Resources

Available state testing resources for students and practice tests.

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Encourage your student to enter K12's STEM "Make a SPLASH" Contest!
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Growth MindSet for February: Passion First


HELP...SUPPORT...ANSWERS -- Walk to Class

Are you struggling as a Learning Coach? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Do you need some added support? You can find real help with K12's WALK to CLASS.


eQUIP is specifically designed to help Learning Coaches successfully educate their Ohio Virtual Academy students.