Dengue Fever

By: Emma Christensen

What it is

Dengue Fever is a mosquito born illness. There is mild Dengue Fever and sever Dengue Fever which can cause in death. It was originally called " Break-Bone " Fever.


It first came to Florida From the Caribbean. Then it went onto Florida to Texas. They didn't know how it was coming over at first. but then they found out that the mosquito would bite an infected person and carry it on .


It is mostly in Western Pacific islands and Southeast Asia. It is also in the Caribbean and in a little bit of Latin America. It also has been in North America.


You can have a fever as high as 106, a headache, joint pain, puking, you can also bleed from your gums and nose. You have a huge rash and death if it is a sever case.

How its spread

It is spread by a mosquito bite. If a mosquito gets infected if it bites an infected person. Then it carries it to another person. Ships carry the infected mosquito to different places and people get infected.

How its treated

There is really no cure. Doctors may tell you to just drink a lot of fluids. They may also tell you to take Advil or Tylenol to reduce any joint or bone pain.


There are six vaccines in development right now. In their third clinical trial they found out that it was safe for children. People get a better case if they got the vaccine. Then they found out that it was safe for everybody.


There weren't many cases of Dengue Fever between 1636 and 1780. In 1780 a Dengue Fever like disease outbreak was in Phildalphia.


50 to 100 people get infected worldwide each year. It has increased in infected people between 1960 to 2010. The first recognized outbreaks were in Asia, North America, and Africa. Epidemics have become more common since the 1980's.


It was first referred to a water poison. In 1779 they named it "Break-Bone" fever because it made it your bones hurt or ache. The first recorded case was in a Chinese Medical Encyclopedia. There have been descriptions of epidemics in the 17th century.

Most epidemics are from the 1779 and 1780. In 1907 Dengue Fever was the second disease ( after Yellow Fever ) to be cause by a virus. The first stir/outbreak was in 1735.

Most of he outbreaks occurred simultaneously in Asia, Africa, and North America. The first big spread out was in Africa around the the 16th and 17th century.

In early times it was caused by exports and imports that ships carried to other countries.


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