1950's v. 1960's

Which is the best time to live in?

Everything was booming (1950)

Through out the 50's everything was growing the economy, the population, and communities. This was the decade of the baby boom in those 10 years 40 million babies were born. Also the economy was growing too, wages were high and the middle class had more money than ever. These were not the only things growing, then the civil rights movement was gaining followers and grabbing attention.
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Best music generation known to man (1960)

From the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, and the Doors, music was very popular in the 60's.

The Korean War (1950)

It was a war of politics democracy vs. communism. over 5 million died just to show political supremacy.

The Great Society (1960)

Lyndon B. Johnston declared that he would turn the country into a "Great Society" by trying to eliminate the poverty and racial injustice. He created systems such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Head Start, to help the poor, elderly, and young children in times of need.

Brown V. Board of Education (1950)

Brown V. Board of education was one of the most important court cases in american history. It decided that separate was not equal and ended segregation.

Civil Rights Act (1960)

During the 60's, the supreme court passed the Civil Rights Act. This outlawed discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and color. Not only was this for blacks, but also women. The people finally got the laws they were asking for.

Rosa Parks (1950)

The civil rights at this time was small but growing rapidly. People were protesting and speaking out but no real leaders had stepped up. Until one woman stood up by staying seated. Rosa Parks, she had been with the NAACP and they planned it all out she would refuse to move to the back of the bus and be arrested for it. This started a whole wave of protests and boycotting the cities bus system. This was very important in the 50's because it helped fuel the civil rights movement and made a difference in that community eventually giving into the the movement they got what they wanted.

Martin Luther King Jr (1960)

MLK was a very important civil rights activist in the 60's. He led many nonviolent protests , including a very important protest in Birmington, Alabama.
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Vietnam War (1960)

The Vietnam War was a very important historical event in the 1960's. Even though many Americans did not support this war, it helped America in many ways; It brought our country to decide a foreign policy. After the Vietnam War, America decided to try to stay out of other countries problems.

The civil rights movement (1950)

The civil rights movement in the 50's was growing and grabbing attention. And people liked the idea of equal rights. so the civil rights movement really helped start other movements for equality.