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Ask the builders how long the process should take from beginning to finish. Ask if he can give that to you in writing just so you know they are being legitimate. Next, you’ll want to prepare the family for the length of time the builders will be on the property. That means safety as well as inconvenience. Many people plan this time for long family vacations or to stay with a relative. This is highly advisable for those with small children and infants as the noise can be rough. You’ll want to give neighbors nearby the heads up too. Get a relative responsible to stay during the build to help oversee the home security. You can also have a security system installed in the outdoor area and anywhere that the builders may be present. Many of these cameras operate on smartphone and tablet devices.

Remember to consider scheduling multiple projects at the same time is not a good idea unless it makes sense. In other words, don’t plan on the deck guys showing up at the same time. If you are having several projects competing for your electricity and backyard space, you may want to let them know ahead of time to prevent bad workmanship.

Discuss with the pool installers what your expectations are and what your policy is for entering other areas of your home. They need to have a break area and a place to stay out of the heat while resting. The job entails strenuous activity and can be exhausting. Invite them to bring a trailer if possible to set up on the property while you’re away.

Tarp all outdoor items and indoor items. That’s right. Indoor items can get covered with dust and debris even if all the windows are closed during construction. Consider having the home professionally cleaned afterward to eliminate dust and the quality of your air from diminishing.

By taking these simple tips, your life will be better prepared to deal with the long days of construction and the sooner you’ll be able to indulge in your new pool. The biggest tip we can offer is to remember that patience is a virtue and it won’t be long you’ll be happy the process was less painful.

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