Battle of Camden

By Mason manley


The Battle of Camden was one of the last British victories. The Battle of Camden took place on August 16, 1780, in South Carolina. The battle took place on land. Did you know the two generals from the battle of Camden were Lord Charles Cornwallis (for the British), and Horatio Gates (for the Americans). Also, have you ever wondered how many total troops fought in this war? This is the story and facts of the Battle of Camden.
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This is Americans working hard but still loosing. And British pushing them back


The Battle of Camden marked a low point for the Patriots (Americans). Although the Americans outnumbered the British troops; the British were more experienced and easily defeated the American Troops. As a result, most of the American Troops were forced to flee before even firing a shot. This resulted in General Gates being forced to retreat during the war.

About the battle

The Battle of Camden was devastating for the Americans. The battle was fierce between the Americans and the British. The Americans had to endure the loss of about 300 troops in the war, while the British suffered less than 100. In addition, the Americans had more than 600 severely wounded troops and about 1,000 more troops were captured. The British had less than 250 troops wounded and less than 20 more captured. The U.S. had 3,700 troops and the British had 2,100

Why it started

The outcome of the battle for the Americans was not good. As a result of the swift defeat by the British over the Americans, morale was very low for the Americans. The British were now in control of the Carolinas and Georgia. Horatio Gates was found to be an incompetent commander which resulted in him no longer holding a position with the US Army.


Did the American Troops learn anything from the Battle of Camden? The Americans learned they needed to train harder. They also learned not to take their enemy for granted.


1. Lord - one having command or power over others.

2. incompetent - someone who is not legally qualified.

3. retreat - movement by soldiers away from the enemy.

4. enemy - someone who attacks or tries to harm another,

5. battle - an encounter between armies.