Pet Care

The reasons to keep your pet safe and cared for.

Do you have a pet or animal? Do you treat it with the right care and the right equipment? Do you take it to a vet regularly and get its shots? Well if you answered negatively to any of these questions, keep reading and find out how to take care of your pet.

Why you need to take care of your pet

Did you know most old people that live over ninety have a pet? Do you want a companion that you can play with and pet in hard times? Well, caring for your pet is a key to having a companion for life. Pet care is important is because if you don’t take care of your animals, you will lose emotional connections and you will not have that one animal that one day you will say, “Man, I miss Jeffery.” Pet care is important if you want to keep your pets and have a companion for a long time. It is said that one out of ten dogs will have a permanent home. How you take care of them to keep them healthy for a while is you make sure they’re healthy, noticed, and have the care they need. Not all animals can care for themselves or say something, so you need to take initiative and care for them. Your basic needs for an animal is basically, the basic needs for you. So think of your animal like you and think of what they would want. You need equipment that will keep your animal healthy and comfortable. Find something that they can bond with and have a connection with. Give your pet the time to exercise and have fun with. I don’t know why you bought a animal if you aren't going to spend time with it. They say that the main reason people buy a pet is to have someone to hang out with. In summary, make sure you’re taking care of your pet, and you will have a lovable, best companion.

Cause & Affect

Positive: If we change, we can reduce animals going to kennels and keeping strays off the street. More people can save money by only having one animal that lives over average. You will have a healthy, happy animal that will not need expensive vet bills and special drugs. You will have a happy, animal community.

Negative: If we don’t do anything, more strays will be on the streets roaming and be very distracting. Kennels will be full and we will have tons of strays to deal with. More people will spend money and waste it on buying more animals instead of having one for a while. Lastly, life expectancy will go down and we will see animals live less and less because we won’t take care of them.