Ms. Raiden's First Grade Class

A peak of what we are doing in class

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a way to encourage and promote postivie behavior in the classroom, while keeping the parents involved. You can download the app, so anytime I see a student behaving correctly or doing something nice they earn a dojo point. The app is also great because I can also use it to message and stay in contact with the parents if they have the app. The parents can also see how their child is doing and how many points they have.


Remind is an online resource where teachers can message students and parents. This will be used to remind the parents about upcoming events and assignments or due dates. This is a really great tool because as teachers there is always that line that we have to be careful about crossing, but this is a safe way to communicate efficiently with parents and students.

QRStuff is a website where you can create your own QR code. All you have to do is choose the format that you want, enter the content, and then it is ready to be downloaded or printed. In my classroom this tool is used by printing out the QR codes that I have created and we have them placed around the room. So when the students have free time or during groups they can use the iPads to go to the provided websites and complete activities or listen and read stories.