Caffeine Addiction

Alert (but dont hurt) your senses!

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is the world's most widely consumed drug that alters the central nervous system. Eighty five present of Americans consume it daily. Caffeine is found in various amounts in seeds, leaves, and fruit of some plants, most commonly the coffee plant. It is a natural insecticide for plants. Caffeine's chemical name is 1,3,7- trimethylxanthine and its formula is C8H10N4O2. The FDA doesn't require caffeine content to be on nutrition labels, so it's hard to tell if something contains caffeine.

Stuff that Contains Caffeine

Uses of Caffeine

Caffeine is most commonly used for mental alertness, but it has many other uses. It is one of the most commonly used stimulents among athletes. In combination with painkillers, it can cure headaches. It can be used in high doses as an alternative to illegal stimulants.

Effects of Caffeine

When caffeine is ingested it increases your dopamine levels and blocks adenosine receptors.Caffeine is classified by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe, because toxic doses are higher than regular doses. It still can have some bad effects on your body though. Some people use it as a stress reliever, but some studies show it can do the opposite to your body. It raises your blood pressure and heightens the risk of heart disease. Caffeine can worsen some preexisting conditions, and cause insomnia. Excessive caffeine can be lethal.

Fun Facts Cbout Caffeine!

Women can metabolize caffeine faster than men can.

Caffeine is banned from Olympic competitions.

Decaffeinated products still contain caffeine.

It is impossible to be physically dependent on caffeine.

Help for Addiction

If you feel as though you have a substance addiction, contact a local addiction center for help.