Zebra & Letters to a Young Artist

By: Anna smith & Chaim Potok


Yes a person does need empathy to create great art because if you have no feeling of art in you then how would you create a girl that dances gracefully.


It may be possibly a person can not have empathy to create great art.


Artist need to use their heart when creating great art.

"Yes as a painter you will need a hand eye ear a voice and a heart" (Smith Pg123).

When a artist has empathy they are more likely to be inspired.

"Zebra remembered seeing a book called "cross-section" he saw a picture of a helicopter for John Wilson" (Potok Pg 156).

Why do we need empathy

This shows how artist need to care and love for something they feel deeply.

This proves that if you care and love what you do you can have great art.

This also shows that if you really like what you see you can be inspired by the art or the world.

This also proves that a artist does need empathy because without feeling that means you must not like what your friend likes.

Acknowledging the counterclaim

Even if someone does not have empathy they can still create meaningful art if you don't like dance there will still be a picture of a dancer if someone loves dance theirs will be a lot better.


If someone is a good artist they can still make great art even if you have no love for a sport or singer also dancing.


In conclusion if you have empathy or you don't you can still make great art. Would you have empathy for art that you don't like?.
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From: Jennifer Pandolfelli