When I'm 25

Game Of Life Project

Story at age 25

When I am 25 my highest level of education would be the Masters Degree. My career would be to become a lawyer because they are among the highest paid professions in the legal industry. My annual salary would be $130,490 and I would be married. I would have three kids, Boy, Girl, and boy. And I would live in an apartment.

My Educational Path

The places I attended to get this career was by going to the Southern new Hampshire university. The total cost of your post secondary education would be $50,000, but I only make about 130,490.

Creating A Monthly Budget

Monthly Bills



House payment (research online)

$7,957.36-Per month

Car payment (research online)

$666.25-3 year payment

Groceries (ask parents and remember this is per month)


Gas ($2.00 a gallon, research how much your car holds, plan to fill up at least twice a month)


Electricity (10% of house square footage)


Water/Trash (5% of house square footage)


Entertainment (research online)


-tv (cable, dish, or satellite)




Car insurance (research online)


Home/Renters insurance (research online)


Student loans (3% of your total loans)


Health insurance (research online, should be about 5-10%)

$49-per month

Misc./Fun things







-sporting events

-going out to eat


Emergency Fund (your choice)


Childcare expenses (if younger than 5 years old or at private school)

$340-per month








The most challenging part of the project for me was finding the cost of all the monthly bills. The best part of the project was my Story at age 25, and the three things I felt gained by doing was the cost of the house, school and car and I learned I should find a better way to spend my money. What surprised me the most was how much money I get a year. One of my life choices was owning an art store because I love to make art and I love to draw. I ended up putting $20 in my savings account because I ALMOST have to spend more money than I get a year.

"Venn Diagram"




~Three kids



~Out fighting crime


~One kid