The Schrodizzlist Party

Carley Schroeder

Current issue: The Environment

What is our issue?

- Our issue is dealing with the issue global warming. With global warming becoming more of an issue, we are working on stopping the advancement of global warming.

Facts about our issue

- In the last century, sea levels have risen almost 7 inches.

- In the last 50 years, the temperature has increased 2 degrees.

- The Montana Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers in 1910. Today they only have 27 due to global warming.

Our Stance On The Issue

- Our party’s stance on the issue is that we will try and work towards helping the environment and focusing on global warming. We will work on using less polluting materials and focus on recycling. We will also look for better ways to fuel cars with renewable sources instead of gas and oil. We are doing this because without it getting attention and attempts to fix it, it will continue to get worse and probably unfixable.