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Is it a shadow is it a hair human no it's a gorilla. Gorillas mainly eat plats. All gorillas mainly live in Africa. Gorillas can be taller then many human. Even though they are big they are also gentle to others.


Gorillas eat greens. Adult male can easily eat 40 pounds. Gorillas eat tree bark,roots and shoots too. Gorillas rarely drink water because there food has nutrition in it. Gorillas also eat bamboos,tree bananas too. Gorillas are animals that eat and move during the day. It's a good thing that gorillas live a round there favorite foods.


Gorillas need a long nest up to 35 gorillas and more. Gorillas live in troops the troops are from 5 to 35 gorillas. Gorillas sleep in nest. male gorillas have there nest on the floor because they are so heavy. The nest is made of bent all most from all sides. Females take there young into the tree at night to protect them they take soft branches to make a soft bed. Gorillas live in mountains and in the forest below when the temperature goes up to hot. Gorillas need a big nest because of there size.


The big and heavy gorillas are 5ft to 6ft. Male gorillas weigh up to 297-605 pounds. Gorillas are about 6ft tall. Females are up to 5ft. Male gorillas have no hair on there face. Gorillas have 4 fingers and one thrum on each hand. All gorillas have 32 teeth. Wen you see a 6ft shadow don't go near it.


Gorillas gather green in giant groups. Gorillas eat greens that are plants leaves and more. Gorillas live in African rain florist surrounded by there favorite food. A gorillas has 4 fingers. Gorillas are gentle,intelligent creatures.


roots- the part of a plant that grows underground

shoots- the part of a new plant that is just beginning to grow above the ground

nutrition-eating the right kind of food animals can be healthy


Gorillas by Melissa Gish

Gorillas by Guil Gibbons

Gorillas by Katbryn Stevens

Gorillas by Meish Gowish

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