Security and Privacy Tips

Follow these for safe ride with social media

Security Tips

When you are starting to make a profile on any social media or website you must do the following:

-Use a password only you would know.

-Add extra numbers and letters just for extra security.

-Use an email that no one but you knows about it.

-Be sure you know the people who your are meeting on social media.

-Be careful who you invite to your page because they could be bad guys.

For more tips read/watch this video/article:

Privacy Tips

Also when you start a profile page on any social media or website you must also do the following:

-Delete your phone number from your site after it's use is done.

-Be careful of what images you post. Remember all your pics will be out for the whole world to see.

-Be careful what comments you post.

-Read all the user/ privacy agreements especially when they are upgraded!

For more tips read/watch this video/article:

Questions about these tips.

Q: How should our password be?

A: Use a name or street or something you like that only YOU know about but not something so long that you might forget or so short that it can be cracked just medium sized.

Q: How do we know who's good and who's bad with/on social media or websites.

A: If your don't know them then it's best to not talk to him/she. But if you do choose to talk to them then just pay close attention to the way they reply and the questions they ask. But again best to not talk to them at all.