Keeping Up With The Kennedy

March 22, 2020- Issue 27


Good evening,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Please stay up to date with information from the district by reading the notices sent via Blackboard. I understand they are lengthy and numerous, however, they are meant to keep families as informed as possible as we navigate through this situation.

Teachers should be reconnecting with students and families if they have not done so already. They will also be sharing resources to support students with meaningful online learning opportunities. Please make teachers your first contact with any questions or concerns, although you are always welcome to email me with anything you need.

Please see the links below:

Slidedeck for parents: How can I access my child's Google Classroom?

JFK Log info: JFK Elementary students log in

We know the last week has been difficult finding a new "normal". As a result, we thought we would brighten your day and share some pictures of what we have been doing while at home. If you would like to share pictures of what your family has been doing, please forward with a caption and I will include them in future Updates. We would love to see what you have been up to.

Ms. McMahon

I celebrated my son Mason's 21st birthday with our dog Benny. Not the way my son wanted to spend this milestone, but we had fun.
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Ms. Mourad

Ms. Mourad and her son Dominic have been doing some school work, going to the beach, and even made some green eggs and a green smoothie to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Ms. Binks

Ms. Binks and her son Vinny have been talking walks each day
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Mr. Beck

In addition to spending time with his new daughter Evelyn, Mr. Beck has been taking lots of walks with Jasper, Stella, and Memphis

Miss Pallotto

Miss Pallotto has been keeping busy with STEM activities and made a make shift gym in her living room.

Mrs. Gillon

Mrs. Gillon has been taking Buddy for lots of walks.
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Mr. Sasin

Mr. Sasin and his children Owen and Rori did some online learning, some at home PE time with their new trampoline and participated in art class.

Mr. Houle

Mr. Houle splurged and bought a Peloton!!! Now he has to split his time between Henry and working out.

Mrs. Myerson

Mrs. Myerson and her family have been doing a lot of bike riding, walks, playing games, and “school time” each day

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore and her husband have been at the beach collecting lots of sea glass

Miss Ferreira

Miss Ferreira has been doing a lot of drawings and paintings for friends as well as several walks with her dog Cooper. If anyone has something they’d like a painting/ drawing of she’d love to hear your input!

Mrs. Proctor

The Proctors have been trying to keep busy by getting outside, “home school”, working out and hanging with their buddy, Blaze

Miss Sammie

Miss Sammie and her sister have been rewriting some songs. Check out her video.
Miss Sammie's Handwashing Song

Mrs. Bayliss

Mrs. Bayliss been cleaning out closets and reading, reading, reading! Her husband has been working from home and they have one cranky teenager taking finals online.
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Mrs. Fruci

Her family has been crafting, attempting obstacle courses, playing community helpers, and we celebrated a 3rd birthday on Monday.

Miss Gushue

Miss Gushue has been out walking each day trying to hit 5 miles however, the other day she hit 10 miles!! She has also been catching up on reading and trying out new recipes.

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Mrs. Falzone

Mrs. Falzone has been doing some organizing around this house and working to get 3 teenagers out of their beds to do puzzles, take walks, and get ready for their incoming assignments! As stir crazy as they are right now, her baby, Mookie, is loving having everyone home!
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Mrs. Paciorkowski

She has been keeping busy going for long walks on the beach, doing some light "beach" reading, doing puzzles and playing word games. She spotted this while walking on the beach.
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Mrs. Huffstutler

Mrs. Huffstutler has been cleaning and organizing her closets.

Mrs. Nemetz

Mrs. Nemetz has been busy walking the menagerie and rearranging her house into 'centers' that keep her busy. She created a home gym in her sons room, the dining room is her new painting studio and she started a daily backgammon competition with her husband. He is also spending time with her dogs Lewis, Mylee, and Norman.
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Mrs. Oshry

Mrs. Oshry has been keeping busy with her daughters baking, fashion shows, playing outside, dance parties and playing school!

Mrs. MacKay

Mrs. MacKay and her daughter Emily have been walking by the JFK.
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Ms. Stenmon

Ms. Stenmon bought a house. She and her children, Lauren and Sean, are very excited to move in. Hopefully at the end of May

Miss Horyn

Miss Horyn has been doing a ton of reading, recipe exploring, and have started (attempting) running!

Mrs. Todesca

She and her family are enjoying the “lunchtime doodles” with Mo Willems. Mrs. Todesca and her son Paul did their best Elephant and Piggie drawings and tried the pigeon, too! Don’t laugh...

Mrs. Dunlap

She has finally finished a cross-stitch project she has been working on.
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