Haffer's Happenings

April 30, 2015

We are off to a fun start with our ABC Countdown! The children are having lots of fun with the various activities each day. Thank you to everyone who has and will be sending in things for the different days.

Phonics and Sight Words

All kindergarten sight words have been introduced. We will continue to review them in class. Please continue to practice with your child at home.

Our phonics skills have been focused on long vowels using "Super e" (e at the end of the word jumps over one consonant to make the vowel say it's name). The children are working on reading and writing words with this pattern.


Last week we began a unit about plants. We have been using different non-fiction books to ask and answer questions about key details in the text, identify the main idea and retell key details of the text, and describe the relationship between illustrations and the text in which they appear.


We have been using our non-fiction books to compose informative texts about plants. Students are beginning each piece with a main idea sentence and providing 3-4 detail sentences.

The children have also been working on opinion writing where they tell their opinion about a topic and tell "what" and "why".

All writing should capitalization at the first word of a sentence, the word I, punctuation at the end of each sentences and sight words spelled correctly within their writing.


Last week we began Topic 14 which talks about shapes. We have practiced identifying flat shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, triangle, and hexagon. We also are learning to identify the 3D shapes of sphere, cylinder, cube, and cone. Children will be working on identifying and describing these shapes.