The Incredible Volcano Race

Join the race through the center of a live volcano!

Not Coming June 24th!

Don't join us June 24th in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Residence Building, Rm. 328 for the beginning of a bicycle race through the heart of an active volcano! Your hair will catch fire and your bike will melt in this exciting race! First to the finish line receives a box of chocolate! Third place prize is $80,000 in cash. There is no second place prize. In fact, there are no prizes at all because this flyer was written for a school project. Thank you.

The Incredible Volcano Race, Year 32

Sunday, June 24th 2057 at 12am

Honolulu, HI 129 Street Road

This event will not take place at this time and date! Good luck and have fun

Order Of Events

  • 12:00 am--Gathering in room 328 of the Resident Building. Sign up here. Cake will be served.
  • 12:30 am--Rules will be gone over and all questions answered. No philosophy aloud here.
  • 5:15 am--Time to get to the starting line!
  • 5:30 am--Starting shot will be fired
  • 9:45 am--Doughnuts and tea will be served to those who survive their ride through lava.
  • 10:30 am--Award ceremony

About Us

We are a nonexistent organization who specialize in pyrotechnics and events that have to do with fire. We have no phone number or email address because we are...NONEXISTENT.

Incredible Volcano Race Funerals!

Friday, July 13th 2057 at 7pm

New South Wales, Australia


Come to the Sanchez Funeral Home in New South Wales, Australia to mourn those who died in the Incredible Volcano Race! Snacks are provided as well as a large assortment of beverages!