The Indian language has so many interesting facts, some of the facts are that in India there are 28 different states and in each state their are different languages. Two of the main or national languages are Hindi and English, India has about 22 official languages all around its country.


India has the oldest culture it goes back in 5.000 years. A way to show the Indian culture when the women will wear a colorful silk saris and the tradition for men is to wear a Dhoti (this is 5 yards of cloth tied around their waste and their legs) Some of India's art or film industry which it is what their known for is Bollywood. It started in 1930 and it has grown since then.


India has always been very important in 3 main religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Buddhism was the first religion made it is made of Lord Buddha. Buddhism started in India and traveled all from Central Asia to Vietnam.