Hades the Greek God

By: Damian Kranski

Hades genealogy

Hades is the god of the Underworld. Hades' genealogy has a big genealogy, his parents are Cronus (father) Rhea (mother) and Hades has 3 siblings: Demeter, Hestia are his sisters and Poseidon is his brother. Hades is married to Persephone (Goddess of flowers and a minor Goddess). Because he loved her and thought she was beautiful. Persephone was Hades niece which is odd because Hades wanted to marry his own niece.
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Hades attitude, and symbol

Hades is the scariest god in the underworld because he lives in the underworld (that's a scary place) his looks, power, and attitude. Hades was born in the underworld unlike any other god. Hades has two symbols one is Cerberus (the three headed dog) and a helmet. Hades looks cruel and scary because of his looks, attitude, and power. His eyes have different colors that are evil colors so he looks evil.
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Hades captures Persephone in the underworld

Hades gives Persephone pomegranate seed, Hades gave Persephone seven pomegranate seeds. Each seed is worth one month for Persephone staying in the underworld. Persephone comes to the underworld, Hades wanted to marry her so he brought her down. Persephone comes back up, she stays in the underworld when its ugly (winter and fall) and comes up when its nice (spring and summer)
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