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Only 11 days left.....Let's Up The Ante...

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Shopping Spree anyone?

Everyone that reaches $2000 PV and sponsors 2 new recruits that reach $500 this month will be entered to win a $400 gift card from NORDSTROM!!! Who's in? Reach out to your mentor or Upline leader if you need help getting there!!

And when you hit your $2000 PV and recruit 2 that hit $500 you not only get entered to win the Nordstrom gift card, but will earn FOUR entries for Laura's incentive below. Now those are good odds!!! Let's DO this!!

And don't forget about the awesome incentive Laura Stenovec launched for all of us this week is...

With 11 days left in the month, I thought it would be fun to roll out a team incentive. Have you seen this limited edition Valentine's Day set? It includes the scarlet lip sheer, lip shine and 6 Paper Sugar note cards in a cute gift bag. I have TWO in stock that I am giving to two lucky team members. What do you have to do to earn an entry? Accumulate 500PV this month. In fact, for every 500PV you accumulate you will get 1 entry (for example, accumulate 1000PV, get 2 entries, and so on). No need to email Laura your numbers. She can see them on the reports.
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Like I mentioned above, this gift set is limited edition and is expected to sell out shortly. I encourage you to message all of your clients about it. It makes a great Valentine's Day gift for teachers, babysitters, moms, and more! We also have another limited edition piece for Valentine's Day. For $30, you can get the lip sheer scarlet gift wrapped with a cute tag on it. Please make sure to share it with your networks this week.
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Last but certainly not least, remember to LEVERAGE THE HQ INCENTIVE. It’s a $50 value when (not if!) each of us earns it. Do you have a plan to earn it? If not, please reach out to me or your mentor. We would love to help you earn it!
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