Gold Ticket Screening nominated for Emmy and Oscar awards 2016

Stop by the conference room on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week to find out how we are going to win one thousand big ones! Screenings of a very special show will be held every 15 minutes starting at 11:00 am and ending at 1:00 pm. We have 20 very excited volunteers so far.... roll up, roll up, roll up - no need to be shy!

Just what does happen when we let Ms. Peggy Vestal loose on the Winston Salem shopping scene?

Well, I can tell you there is no stopping her once she gets excited you know!

Guaranteed to be fun

We understand...

Some people just need to know more details before making a commitment, Here is a list of frequently asked questions from just one day into the campaign:

Is it too late to join an ophthalmology village?

Absolutely not - we are holding a space just for you!

Will there be an opportunity to have a laugh?

Undoubtedly - but bringing along your sense of humor will help!

How do I sign up?

We have pink glittery hats just for that purpose...

Will it be as painful as receiving a shot from my doctor?

um....... no!

What happens if it is raining on Wednesday - will you still be screening the movie in the conference room?

YES! you won't even need to bring a brolly (umbrella to you non Brits!)

Can I bring my next-door neighbors aunties best friends daughter because she works in the department one floor below me?

Absolutely not! This is a TOP SECRET ophthalmology event only - we are ALL IN to win $1000 remember!