University of Texas

Austin, TX 78712 (512) 471-3434


The UT tower has served as the university’s most recognizable landmark and symbol since it was completed in 1937. At 301 feet high, the 27-floor Tower measures six feet taller than the Texas Capitol and can be seen from almost any location in Austin.

The Tower is most visible on nights when it’s bathed in orange light following athletic victories or to recognize faculty, staff, and student achievements. But the Tower is also beautifully lit in various configurations for other reasons, too.


Created in 1955 by head cheerleader Harley Clark, Jr., the Hookem horns is recognized worldwide as the symbol of the Texas Longhorns. The Hook ’em sign is created by extending your pinky and index finger and tucking your middle and ring fingers under your thumb. The Hook ’em signal was named the top college hand sign by Sports Illustrated. The Texas Exes (alumni association) celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Hook ’em hand signal in 2005 with multiple events and programs.


No other mascot could symbolize the spirit and character of the university better than a Texas Longhorn. Since 1966, Bevo has been present on the sidelines of Texas football games. In the fall of 2004, Bevo XIII—the Bevo to see the most football victories in the university’s history—retired, and a young Bevo XIV took its place on the sidelines to continue the tradition of one of college’s most popular (and heaviest) mascots.