Doherty Media Center News

August 2013

The Word of the Year is Collaboration!

We are so excited to work with the new and returning staff of Doherty Elementary. The Media Center is an active and exciting learning area for students and teachers. Let us know how we can assist you in your curricular needs and remember to include us when planning lessons and units. Collaboration makes learning, and teaching, more fun!

The Library will be Hosting a Scholastic Book Fair September 23-25. Other fairs will be held in December and March.

Pine Cone!

The Media Department has been working all summer to design a District-wide Reading Incentive Program for students in grades k-2. Our program is called Pine Cone. The purpose of Pine Cone is to put great literature into the hands of our youngest readers, instill a love of reading, and prepare and excite them for our 3-5 Pine Tree Program. The Pine Cone program will kick-off with an assembly on Friday, October 4 and run through March. Watch for more details.

Mrs. Julie Abeska and Mrs. Jean Abraham