Justin's Portfolio


All About Me

I like music and reading. I'm not good at math though I get it done, most of the time correctly. My skills include reading, building and making music. My favorite author is James Patterson. My favorite movie series is the Jurassic Park series.


I have high self-esteem, which is what I expected. I can deal with rejection. I don't bend over backwards to get someone's approval. I feel that I am worthy of people's attention. My self-esteem is high.
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I try to be positive, although some situations get the better of me. I believe that the test results were correct and described me well. I tend to be happy but sometimes I get irritated and it puts me in a bad mood. Normally you can't tell when I'm happy because I'm usually quiet when I'm happy.
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My Career Test Results

My test results were not what I planned to do, although some of the career paths I might take. Out of these choices I would choose the following jobs: Motorboat Mechanic, Mechanical Engineering Technologists, or Elevator Installer.
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Learning Style

My learning style is auditory. I learn better through hearing. Some ways I can learn better is by sitting where I can hear. Other ways include having my hearing checked on a regular basis.
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Personality type

My personality type is INTP. I am an introvert. I am intuitive. I think more than I feel. I have a slight preference of perceiving over judging. I believe that most of these results are true.
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Brain Test Results

I use my brain equally. I use both sides of my brain the same. This means that I'm not to creative and not to intuitive. I am strategic, logical and rational. I am also creative and like fantasy.
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Personality Color

My color is green. I believe that my color is accurate, not only because it is my favorite color, but because I love the outdoors. The test says that I am full of wanderlust. People who's color is green are a "breath of fresh air". Most of the things that the test said weren't true about me. Mainly because I'm an introvert.
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Career Interest Test

1. My career pathways are:

  1. Biotechnology research and development
  2. Science and math
  3. Design/preconstruction
  4. Programming and software development
  5. Engineering and technology

2. Yes, (although they all involve math, but then again math is in everything) all of these match my interests.

3. My career clusters are

  1. Health science
  2. Science X2
  3. Information Technology
  4. Architecture and Construction

4. Doctor, therapist.

5."People who work in Health Science work to keep people healthy by doing tests, giving care and medication, or sometimes doing surgery. This group includes jobs such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, mental health therapists, and physical therapists."

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Skills Confidence

1. My top five confidence results are:

  1. Design/preconstruction.
  2. Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance
  3. Environment Service Systems
  4. Network Systems
  5. Engineering and Technology

2. Yes.

3. I might pursue designing bridges and buildings.

4. Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

Collect Information about Earth's surface, take photos of Earth from airplanes or helicopters, revise existing maps and charts, Make 3D models of the earth

State Median: $50,420

National Median:$57,440

Outlook: 20% increase in employment

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