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Hopefully you have hear buzz about the amendment for an additional ECS K-8 and High School. This ambitious effort to amend the ECS charter has been named the Catalyst Project.

For those who have attended the ECS lottery with a wait list of over 500 potential students emotions range from ecstatic if a child get in to extreme disappointment if a child does not. We are attempting to open our incredible, innovative school experience to more students and to allow our current students to matriculate into an ECS High School with the same innovative principals.

The Catalyst Project is not going to be an easy task and we will only be able to do it with your help. We are asking for you to spread the word, contact PPS board members and ask them to vote yes to pass the amendment to our ECS charter, and if able, please become a volunteer to achieve this goal. And note, you do not need to live in Pittsburgh proper to create change. There is a role for everyone in the Catalyst Project.

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What Can I do?

We have several dedicated volunteers but we could still really use your help. Join us in this challenging and rewarding project that can change the educational landscape of Pittsburgh by becoming an Ambassador or Spark.

-Ambassadors are volunteer organizers and distribute information and plan activities in partnership with ECS. (Review attachment for information about this role.)

-Sparks are volunteers who work along side Ambassadors to put into action the set goals. (Review attachment for information about this role.)

As busy parents we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to commit to taking on more and any support that you can provide whether it be writing a letter, sharing with your family friends and neighbors what a great school ECS is and what we are trying to accomplish or anything else that you can do is greatly appreciated. Please contact us at to get involved.

Thank you for your help with this important project!

The ECS Catalyst Project Team

(ECS parents and supporters just like you)

Community Dream Team: Collaborate with Us!

Saturday, March 8th 2014 at 2-4pm

829 Milton St

Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday March 8th, 2-4 PM, Upper School Auditorium

Community Dream Team: Collaborate with Us!

Collaboration is a core belief at ECS. And we take it seriously.

Please join us for an active brainstorming session around the design and impact of a secondary program that meets the needs of tomorrow's active, engaged citizenry.

WHAT: A Participatory Design Workshop to gather input for and ECS high school design

**Childcare can be provided for school-aged children, though you must register with the Catalyst Project by Wednesday, March 5. Please email your child(ren)'s name(s), age(s), and a contact phone number to