Technology Glossary

Do you know what your kids mean by "We Kahooted today!"


After our February Parent Meetings, there was a suggestion to create a "glossary" for parents to understand some of the terminology and apps that their children are bringing home. This is a working document and it can/will change to the needs of the school community. If you need assistance, please email Becky Goddard at .

Grades 3-5

Sign In Information

Most, but not all, of our digital programs have the same log in information for students. The username is generally their last name, first initial, second initial, last 3 of student number and their password is their student number.

Ex. Username: doejb214

Password: 1234567

There are a few differences though so if you have a question, please ask your child's teacher.


Zscaler is the filter for internet usage at home. Your child may log into this filter using the following scheme:

Company Email: last name, first initial, last initial, last 3 of student

Password: student number

Ex. Company Email:

Password: 1234567

PowerSchool/Parent Portal/Homebase

This is the data base for grades and attendance used by the state of North Carolina. If you want an update on your child's grades, you can log into the Parent Portal. If you need assistance setting up your Parent Portal account, please contact .


Schoology is our district Learning Management System. Basically, teachers use Schoology to communicate and send assignments to students digitally. For example, a student may not receive a paper copy of a study guide but the teacher will send it to them in their Schoology course for the student to download onto their device. Or, students may post comments to a discussion on a topic. Additionally, tests and quizzes can be administered through Schoology.

Students mostly use an app to work in Schoology, but you can go to to log in on any device.

Achieve 3000

Students read articles in stations everyday and answer the activity questions that align to standards/skills. The expectation is to read 2 articles at 75% or better accuracy per week. If using the Achieve app, students may download articles at school to work on at home without wireless internet. These articles will sync when they return to school.

Discovery Education (DE)

Discovery Education, or DE to some of our students, is a collection of resources such as videos, games, and articles for research and learning. Students also have the ability to take quizzes, tests, and assessments in DE. Our quarterly benchmarks are also given through our DE subscription.

We have also acquired DE Science Techbook which will serve as a digital textbook/resource for our science classes.

To log into De, go to .


IXL is generally used in centers to reinforce skills being taught in the guided math group. To log into IXl, please go to .


Students use Dreambox in math to spiral math concepts. Things students are doing in Dreambox may not be directly tied to the guided math center but it is differentiated to the skills your child needs. Students use the Dreambox app at school but they can also log on at home on any device using .

Reading A to Z/RAZ Kids

This is a program that has online books that are often used in guided reading groups. It has hundreds of books and comprehension activities with each book.


EPIC is a free app to schools that allows students to have access to hundreds of quality eBooks. Please contact your child's teacher for log in information.


Mrs. Sigmon, Mr. Mobley, and many of our teachers use Remind to send messages and information to parents about upcoming events and assignments as emails or text messages. If you need to subscribe to Remind, please contact your child's teacher.


Kahoot is a fun way to review or informally assess students in a gaming atmosphere. Students love to Kahoot! Please ask your child about it.


Students use NCWiseOwl for research and eBooks. Students have access to great sites such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Explora, PBS Videos, Amazing Animals with Grolier, and many others all in one location. Email if you need log in information.

Moby Max

Moby Max is a digital program that is used in Math, Reading, and Social Studies. It assesses where your child needs help and delivers instruction to reinforce standards. The website is . Please contact your child's teacher for log in information.


Mrs. Kimball uses this in place of worksheets to handout and receive assignments.


Some teachers use the website Quizlet to reinforce vocabulary in the classroom. Quizlet offers digital flashcards and games that help students practice. Students can also take practice tests to help them study. Some students have log ins and some do not. Please contact your child's teacher if your child needs a log in.


Mrs. Vedeikis uses Adobe app with her students in Science and Social Studies. Students can download materials from Schoology and edit them in Adobe. They can then send them back to her using Schoology.

Mr. Nussbaum

Mr. Nussbaum is a website with fun games to reinforce classroom instruction. There is no log in so to play, go to .

Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Scholastic Classroom Magazines Online are used for reading comprehension and vocabulary as related to current events. Most of the magazines are informational text. Please contact your child's teacher for log on information.


Students love to wonder and inquire with Wonderopolis. The website gives articles on questions of the day, vocabulary quizes, comprehension quiz, critical thinking questions, writing activities, and more. There is no log in information. Please visit

Follett Shelf eBooks

FollettShelf-Two ways to access our eBooks:

  1. Destiny Quest app is on student iPads. You may have added it to yours last year when I did the training session after school.
  2. Click on Destiny Quest app
  3. If asked for an address, type in
  4. Choose Bostian
  5. Your teacher login will be the first four letters of your last name followed by the last four digits of your SS# for both username and password. Ex: robe1234
  6. Students will log in with their ID # for both username and password. (Let me know if you or your students can't login.)
  7. Click on the FollettShelf icon
  8. Search or browse eBooks

The other way to access:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the yellow online catalog link
  3. Click Bostian
  4. Click the Catalog tab
  5. Click on login in the upper right
  6. Type in the username and password as described above
  7. Click FollettShelf on the left

Big Universe

Big Universe has thousands of eBooks:

Teacher login:

username: first initial of first name followed by last name (Ex. jroberson)

password: last name


Tumblebooks features animated books with quizzes, puzzles, and more.

Please email your child's teacher for log in information.