The cons

the Leaders

Oligarchy is a type of government. It's not very fair because the leaders are a small group of highly classed people. They are in leading roles because of Wealth, Royalty, Family Ties, Education, and Corporate or Military control.

the Government

The legislator are the leading or ruling people. they influence people to get them to do what they want. they force people to do what they want in order to stay in power/control of the place they live.


the citizens don't have rights to anything. they have no need to vote because they are governed acordingly by a group of people

South Africa

South Africa is a country that is run by Oligarchy. It was based on race that they ruled others. Rule was split up between English and Afrikaans-speaking whites. They denied non-whates and mixed whites access to the trade and education opportunities.

How Long It Lasted

The form of Oligarchy as a type of government in South Africa lasted for a long time. they were ruled this way starting from the middle of the 1700's till the 1800's it became an official way of government in the year 1948, They only renamed their government keeping it the same.

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