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Happy New Year!!!!!! Looking forward to the GREAT THINGS we will do for and with students in this new year:)

Thankful for the 2 FULL weeks off!!!!

Special Shout -out to everyone who helped to complete assessments before the break...You know who you are and we THANK YOU!!!!

Thursday we CELEBRATE one year together:)

New Year, New Thinking...How Do Students Respond to Instruction

Scaffolds for Learning

Click on the link and read the following article, focusing on: Guidelines for Instructional Scaffolds...

Todays Meet

Please log on to Todays Meet and record your response...Have you made and kept a resolution? What was the key to making it work? Or...If you have not been able to keep a resolution, what will you do differently this year?

Open the link and type your response...

Todays Meet or www.todaysmeet.com/OakdaleES


  • Please continue to review the Non-Negotiables
  • Second Round Observations have began!!!!! They are unannounced:)
  • If you have pictures or other information you would to share with the staff send me an email.
  • Please communicate to your team before Thursday if you are unable to attend the Math Night.
  • HEADS UP!!!!Half Day Planning Scheduled for next week... AM: 8-12; PM: 12-4-Monday (K/5); Tuesday (1/3); Wednesday (2/4)...more information to come!

Schedule for this Week

Monday Jan. 6 Day 2
  • Discipline Assemblies in the gym (Please be on time!): K/1: 9:00-9:15; 2/3: 9:20-9:35; 4/5: 9:40-10:00
  • E. Williams to meet with ALL grade levels during your 45 minute release time

Tuesday Jan. 7 Day 3

  • K. Alexander to meet with EC, ESL and TD at 7:45 in the Conference Room
  • K. Alexander to meet with ALL Instructional Assistants (except AU) @9:00 in the Media Center
  • K. Alexander to meet with ALL grade levels during your 45 minute release time in the literacy planning room
  • K. Alexander to meet with Special Area 12:00 in the Science Lab

Wednesday Jan. 8 Day 4

  • Culturally Relevant PD (7:30 in the Media Center)
  • WLC Visit with Dr. Kelly Gwaltney (Chief School Performance Services) (AM)
  • Grade Level Leaders Meeting (4:00 in the Conference Room)

Thursday Jan. 9 Day 5

  • Mentee Meetings: 1 on 1 (@ 7:45)
  • HR Visit to walk classrooms
  • Math Game Night (6-7:30)

Friday Jan. 10 Day 6

  • Happy Friday!!!