Avengers Cup

By: Austin James

Avengers cup

I got the idea to make this cup from the movie The Avengers. When i heard that we could make our cup about anything we want i knew what i wanted to do. In this project i used the slab technique to create my cup. I made a Thor Hammer, a Captain America Shield, and a Iron Man Arc Reactor (above). Then, to glaze i used the dip and poor technique ( and used a brush to touch up certain areas).

Critique #1

This piece uses the actual texture to make it seem like it is made of metal. The artist also uses color to make it seem like it is made from aluminum. I think that a combination of the pinch-pot method and the coil method were used in this piece. The way that the artist made this piece shows depth in certain areas.

Critique #2

I think that this piece was made, not from a certain method, but from just sculpting. I think that this piece shows actual texture in the abs, face, and legs. The color is also very good and was picked to resemble the color of a humans skin.

Water Pitcher

I made this pot/pitcher in thoughts of giving this to my mother as a gift. Even though it didnt turn out the way i wanted it to, I am proud to say that it is my best piece. When making this project i used the coil method and used the dip and pour method.