Autism Spectrum Disorder

By: Rudy Paddock

System that is Affected

The Nervous system is affected when you have autism. Many people wouldn't be able to understand most autistic people. This is because autism affects the nervous system and doesn't allow their brains to develop at the same pace that the normal brain would. Autistic people can get worse if they don't have interaction with other kids and people besides their parents.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Most of the time when kids have autism they are diagnosed between 18 months old and 5 years old. If you are diagnosed there is a test that you would take. No one can get a zero on the test. Boys without autism usually score 17/50 and girls without autism would score 15/50, but boys and girls with autism will score higher. They would usually get 32/50 or more.

Some reasons you could be tested is because you don't show expressions or emotions 6 months or older. Another reason is because you don't form words by 16-20 months old. The last reason you could be tested is because you don't make gestures by 1 year old, for example pointing.

How do you get Autism

Autism is genetically transferred. So if one of your parents have autism then there is a chance that you have some type of autism (asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, autistic disorder)

How does Autism Effect You

Autism effects the nervous system by slowing down the development in the brains of the autistic people. Non-autistic kids should have their parents genes, interact with other kids, and communicate using words. Autistic kids have genetic mutations in their genes, don't interact with other kids, and communicate through gestures such as pointing.

Some Treatments for Autism

Many autistic kids go to special private schools like the Julie Billiart School. At that school the staff is assigned to one autistic child that they help. Another treatment for autism is speech therapy. If the autistic kids go to speech therapy the neurons that were slowly developing would develop faster because they are trying to use them and are learning a new language.

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