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By: Sachad Joseph

Kids should be able to play football!

There are many things that can go wrong with playing football you can get hurt really badly you can break your bones, sprain something and even worse get a concussion. But there are also good things that can happen when you play football you can learn a lot of things and it helps for being healthy as well.

Kids who play football learn many different things.

According to Jennifer Shotz she stated " Young athletes learn discipline, focus teamwork and skills that would help them later in life." This explain when kids learn things now it helps them, they remember what they were learned and then use it on later in life. Amir Khan article Gorgen claims "Organized sports are the a learning lab

for life,” she says. “They steep kids in everything from frustration management to diplomacy to collaboration, and data suggests that involvement in team sports is associated with higher high school graduation rates.That just confirms it that it can affect later upon your life.

The conclusion

In conclusion we all can agree that playing football is not the safest sport in the world but there is no sport that can guaranteed that there would be no injuries. But we also can learn a lot of other things as well that can help us later into life as we grow up.