Values, Standards, and Principles

Collin Horner

My Values, Standards, and Principles

- Honest

- Trustworthy

- Humorous


Throughout my life, honesty has always been a major value. I have always been held to a high standard in my family and was always told to always be honest. There is no situation where honesty can hurt and make the situation worse. In my life, I am honest in everything I do.


In my life I am always trustworthy. If anyone has an issue or problem to talk about, I am always there and will not tell anyone. I love being trustworthy because you learn a lot of information and can help people out in their life. It is a major value throughout my life.


Although my other two are more serious, I like to have fun in life. Anyone around me can tell you that I joke around a lot and love to have a good time. Being humorous makes life a lot more fun and makes bad situations better.