2012 Insurance Fraud Hall Of Shame

Burnt To The Ground

Article Summary

Two men carelessly punched a hole in th roof of local business building, and set it ablaze when no one was watching. They were hired by business owner, alledgedly at gun point, for $15000. The uncontrollable fire was to much for the local fire department to handle. Four of the seven were critically hurt; bones were crushed into shards. Some firefighters required months of healing and rehab before they could return to work, and several will never work again.


One of the arsonists felt to guilty and tipped the investigators, leading them to the conclusion that it was no accident. In court, the judge was not impressed and sentenced both of them to 15 years in jail. One of the firefighters final statement was, "This was a no win situation, and that he would rather serve a prison sentence than to be permanently paralyzed".